George Whitten Elementary

Title I School Parent Involvement Plan

George A. Whitten Elementary


  • Hold a convenient annual meeting of participants’ parents.
  • Offer a flexible number of meetings that meet family needs.
  • Send home newsletters and information pieces containing school profiles, student profiles, curriculum and assessment descriptions, etc.
  • Send out surveys and provide other meeting opportunities for parents to talk with each other, ask questions, share ideas, and make decisions about their child/children.
  • Provide timely responses to parent suggestions made in the meetings described above.



  • Develop with parents, a written agreement (called a compact) showing school and home responsibilities for student success.
  • Emphasize in the compact how important it is to have regular home-school communication through conferences, progress reports, access to staff, classroom visits, and volunteering.



  • Share information with parents about national, state, and local goals, standards, and requirements related to student performance.
  • Assist parents in knowing (1) how to monitor student work, (2) how to work with educators to help children do better in school, and (3) how to participate in making decisions about their children’s education.
  • Provide materials and training to help parents learn to read and to work at home with their children.
  • Help faculty and staff see the importance of parent involvement through training events.
  • Coordinate with community agencies and services in parent involvement.


  • Provide full chances for parents to participate who have limited English or who are disabled.
  • Provide information using language and in a form that parents can understand.



Mission Statement

We will provide a safe environment that is emotionally secure, academically challenging, and fosters social responsibility.